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What is Premarital counseling?
Premarital counseling provides support, guidance, and education to couples considering or planning marriage.

Why use Prepare/ Enrich ?

Utilizing the Prepare/ Enrich couple’s assessment, sessions will help committed couples gain understanding about dynamics that may impact the quality of their relationship. These packages will explore strength and growth areas in your relationship.

This assessment will assess for satisfaction in different relationship areas. In counseling sessions, we will address topics that include improving communication, conflict resolution, how personal stress impacts your relationship, and how our personal histories may impact relationships. Additional growth areas that may be explored are financial management, relationship roles, spiritual beliefs, children and parenting and leisure activities.

What else do I need to know?
Clients utilizing this bundle will have a weekly recurring session on Saturdays for the duration of their session package. Any additional sessions outside the package would be $125 per 60-minute session. 

Additional details will be discussed during the Premarital Counseling Consultation call.