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November Affirmations

November! The 11th month of the year and for many, the start of holiday season. This can mean more time with our familes. Some people jump for joy at the […]

Why Bereavement?

“How are you a grief counselor? Aren’t you sad all the time?” “I don’t know how you hear all those stories. Don’t you get depressed?” “ I could never work […]

Welcome to The Nest

Hi and Welcome to The Nest. Why “The Nest”? A Nest is a place of rest, retreat. Along with space in therapy, I wanted to also create an online space […]

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. This includes pregnancy loss, losses due to SIDS, miscarriage, stillbirth and death of a newborn. There is no word in the English […]